At Community Christian Academy, you are a valued member of our community. Because we consider ourselves a partner with your family, we consistently work with you to make your child’s education attainable and affordable.
We offer two incentive programs that allow you to earn reductions on your child’s tuition.


In partnership with, TRIP is a voluntary program that allows families to reduce their tuition costs by shopping at retail stores, restaurants, and other venues that participate in the program. Simply purchase gift cards at face value and watch your tuition incentives accumulate in your account.  What could be better?  Enlist family and friends to participate in the program.  Their savings will be directed into your account.  Learn more about TRIP by clicking HERE.


Recommending CCA to another family can help reduce your tuition.  Receive 10% off your tuition for every student you recommend who enrolls at Community Christian Academy.  If you would like to donate your Each 1 Reach 1 incentive, you can gift it to another CCA family, evidence of Living the Warrior Way through your giving.