Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the principles of education.  Their love of teaching and their dedication to our children is instrumental in reaching high academic and moral standards.  With support from the administration, our teachers are equipped with Biblical worldview curriculum and God's Word.
Because excellence is expected from everyone at CCA, our teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and teach within their field of study.  Most of our faculty have a Master’s Degree and many years of educational experience.
Even more important are the relationships that our teachers, staff, and administrators form with your child and your family. We believe this makes a positive impact on our community and on the education and well-being of all our students.


"Teaching at Community Christian Academy is such a wonderful blessing where 2 “L’s”—LOVE and LEARNING—walk hand in hand."

Debbie Moss, CCA Kindergarten Teacher


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Harper, Linda  Faculty

Ms. Linda Harper

E-Mail - Linda.Harper@ccapaducah.org

Harton, Nancy  Faculty

Ms. Nancy Harton

E-Mail - Nancy.Harton@ccapaducah.org


Ms. Rachel Hawkins

E-Mail - Rachel.Hawkins@ccapaducah.org


Ms. Kristi Johnson

E-Mail - Kristi.Johnson@ccapaducah.org

Johnson, Tina  Faculty

Ms. Tina Johnson

E-Mail - Tina.Johnson@ccapaducah.org





Ms. Rebekah Jones

E-Mail - Rebekah.Jones@ccapaducah.org

Kratz, Joyce  Faculty

Ms. Joyce Kratz

E-Mail - Joyce.Kratz@ccapaducah.org

Lambert, Nicole  Faculty

Ms. Nicole Lambert

E-Mail - Nicole.Lambert@ccapaducah.org

McMullen, Rhet  Faculty

Mr. Rhet McMullen

E-Mail - Rhet.McMullen@ccapaducah.org