CCA Begins 25 Year Celebration










In celebration of our 25th year, CCA AP Art students are doing ink drawings of the five buildings where CCA has held classes. These will be framed and displayed in the new trophy case in the lobby.

Today we are featuring First Baptist Church of Paducah, and Lone Oak First Baptist Church. First Baptist Paducah housed our kindergarten classes during the time CCA was at Oasis Christian Center. The First Baptist Church ink drawing is by Eliza-Kate Carter, senior, who is a member of the FBC congregation.

Also featured today is an ink drawing of Lone Oak First Baptist Church by senior, Callie Hughes. When the new elementary school building was being constructed at the Lebanon Church Road campus and was not ready to use in August of 2013, Lone Oak First Baptist graciously offered their facility to house our K-5 grades.

We are very appreciative and thankful for the continued support of these churches over the past 25 years.